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Last year, there were over 4.5 Billion prescriptions filled in the US. Unfortunately, there were another 1.5 Billion prescriptions that were never filled because of cost. Help others and start earning residual income by handing out free discount prescription cards!

Hotels ETC

With Hotels Etc., you make money by offering steep hotel and travel discounts – he lowest on the web.  Here is an Interview w/ Shawn Pigg, CEO of Hotels Etc.

Virtual Financial

Virtual Financial is a financial services marketing company with a powerful marketing system empowering our associates and newcomers to the life insurance industry.

Roof Maxx

The Roof Maxx Dealership Opportunity is one of the most exciting low-cost, high profit margin opportunities available today.


RustGuy stops rust for good!  Be one of the first in this untapped market! Make huge profits applying RustGuy formulas in your area with your own rust control business!


British Energy Saving

British Energy Saving technology (BEST) offer the world’s leading Cleantech Business Opportunity. We are actively seeking new distribution partners in the USA, to help expand our market share in the lucrative energy efficiency market.

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