Pharmaceutical Grade Caffeine, All Day, Long Term Energy Tablets

If you’re looking for a business opportunity as a distributor of unique, cutting edge health and wellness products, you’ve got to check out Carelumina. Carelumina is a physician-owned company with an array of healthy living products, including their pharmaceutical grade caffeine, long-term energy tablets.

Carelumina’s FUEL+ Energy Tablets

Carelumina’s product, called FUEL+, was developed as a substitute for coffee and other caffeine-rich beverages that tend to have unwanted side effects, such as jitters and frequent bathroom breaks. Each FUEL+ troche, or tablet, is about the size of a standard aspirin, making it convenient and easy to carry for consumption when needed.

Although each tablet is compact in size, FUEL+ is an extremely effective energy tablet packed with pharmaceutical grade caffeine, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E and Folic Acid (Folate). This revolutionary product efficiently delivers the caffeine and vitamins through sublingual glands under the tongue rather than less favorable absorption through the gut like caffeine beverages.

caffeine tablet long term energy supplement ingredients

Each tablet contains 100 mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to an average cup of coffee. The 50mcg Vitamin B-12, 10 IU Vitamin E and 400mcg folic acid round out this perfect formulation, providing a long-term caffeine boost of energy but without causing shaky or jittery feelings.

Use these pharmaceutical grade caffeine energy tablets yourself and be you’ll feel an all day boost unlike any coffee of caffeine beverage. Introduce this product to family, friends and acquaintances and they’ll be blown away by the effectiveness.

Carelunina’s unique health and wellness products perform best in class compared to competing products, making friends and/or acquaintances that try Carelumina’s other products repeat purchasers.

Carelumina’s Business Opportunity

As a Carelumina Ambassador, you’ll earn top commissions from product sales. Like many direct selling business opportunities in nutrition, health and wellness, this program provides a car allowance/ reimbursement plan. Director and presidential levels qualify for the Maserati plan, which provides a reimbursement of between $800 and $1,600 per month.

With this business opportunity, brand ambassadors can not only be successful with their overall health and well being, but can also be successful running their own businesses and achieving financial freedom.

The company provides exceptional training and support and is always available to help each brand ambassador achieve individual goals.

If you’re into healthy living and want to make great money by helping others by introducing these pharmaceutical grade caffeine, long-term energy tablets as well as Carelumina’s complete line of health and wellness products, this business opportunity is for you!