Professional, Personal Wearable Technology Business Opportunity

There’s no question, technology is the way of the future. Advances in medical technology not only deliver safer and better results to patients, but these medical technology advances also create jobs as well as business opportunities for entrepreneurs.  

If you’re a budding entrepreneur and a medical industry professional, now is the time to learn about a new medical business opportunity that can generate generous revenue and can be scalable to virtually unlimited levels.

Meditech International, the manufacturers of BioFlex Laser, is a biomedical research and development company focused on the design, engineering and application of advanced laser therapy systems.

The laser therapy technology is being made available to a limited number of medical professionals for use in their clinics. This is a personal wearable system used to treat patients with an extensive number of clinical pathologies including musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, spinal conditions, arthritis and wound healing.

This proprietary wearable medical technology is non-invasive, non-toxic and provides consistent clinical outcomes. To date, more than one million treatments across 50 countries have been administered without any adverse effects. And, this technology will soon be in high demand by patients in the US as well as counties throughout the world.

This unique medical & healthcare business opportunity allows entrepreneurs to partner with the company as an owner and operator of BioFlex clinics as well as the opportunity to become an exclusive distributor of BioFlex products in specified regions.

If you are a professional chiropractor, registered massage therapist, physical therapist or physician, this personal wearable laser technology system is ideal for treating patients in your clinic.

The partner program business opportunity has:

  • A low startup cost
  • No on-going fees
  • An excellent ROI
  • Comprehensive training
  • Clinical & technical support
  • A proven business model

New clinics will realize a high return on investment in little time. On average, new clinics can recoup their initial investment in as early as one year. Expected annual revenue for a clinic with four wearable technology laser systems can be between $500k and $1million.

The company provides extensive training and ongoing support is offered to all partners to ensure their success.

There are only a limited number of partner business opportunities for the buy in of medical technology for professional clinics.

If you’re a professional in the medical field and looking for an additional treatment for your patients as well as an additional revenue stream, you have to learn more about this personal wearable laser technology system.

wearable laser technology business opportunity