A Small Business Success Story-Halfaker & Associates

..an excerpt from an article by Lauren Diethelm on Fundera.

Halfaker & Associates, founded by Dawn Halfaker

Halfaker & Associates is a Virginia-based contractor dealing with data analytics, cybersecurity, software engineering, and IT infrastructure for the federal government. After being wounded in combat in Iraq, Dawn Halfaker had the desire to continue to work for the military even after being medically retired. As a veteran herself, Halfaker knew firsthand what troops in combat need to be successful, and she saw a disconnect between those needs and what people in Washington could provide. This inspired her to start her own company and offer real world, common sense solutions to help the military be more effective.

The take away:

Halfaker’s story is a clear example of perseverance and getting back up after life knocks you down, and of what can be achieved with determination. But maybe what’s most important here is her commitment to her community—and how it benefits not only those around her, but strengthens her business, too. By hiring veterans and wounded warriors, Halfaker betters her company through their experience and expertise.  And, as she puts it, “It makes good business sense.”

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