How To Source New Customers To Expand Your Sales In 2010

Seeking new types of customers should be something you do each week as a basic exercise for your budding home-based business opportunity, distributorship, or small franchise. I dislike the cliché “think outside the box” however; it does seem to apply here. If you don’t consistently expand your prospects and/or customer base, eventually you’ll hit the proverbial sales wall and inevitably be forced to do it anyway.

If you cater to a specific niche market sector, think about various ways that you can expand your sales efforts into this market segment or new ways that may be related to the original.

With a little imagination you can expand your sales efforts. Once you’ve become well versed at this you’ll find that you haven’t even tapped the surface in earning your true sales potential.

Remember that there is no substitute in making cold calls. You need to make the calls in order to reach out to new prospects and/or customers to close sales.


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