StartUp Marketing 7 Submission Services To Do More With Time

StartUp Marketing – There is a wave of sheer exhilaration that comes with finishing your product or getting your startup to the starting line. But according to many entrepreneurs, that’s when the real work begins. People need to know what you have to offer before you can make money.

StartUp Marketing – To get the word out about you’re your new business, app or product, one of the most important steps is submitting it to websites that specialize in promoting the latest companies and websites. There are thousands of these websites. The job takes time because each has its own requirements.

Or you can save yourself hours of work by using a submission service for your startup marketing. At one time, these services submit your email and information to a variety of websites. There are also sites that put your information directly in front of journalists with a relevant interest in your business or product.

Here is a look at the Top 7 Submission Services for your StartUp Marketing or new product.

PitchPigeon is an affordable submission service that lets you create and send a launch email about your new app to over 200 tech blogs with a single click. It pulls data directly with iTunes App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone store to automatically fill in information in your email.

Then you can tweak and refine it and send it off. The email is delivered right away. You can see in real time who is opening your email.

PressFriendly helps you pitch the media easily and quickly. You can send an track pitches, collaborate with colleagues and track your connections with reporters through a simple interface. There are free and paid choices.

PromoteHour says you can submit to 50 communities in just 5 minutes. They have several pricing models that let you choose which websites to notify and reports that you’re your progress.

The StartUpLister platform has a suite of products that helps you submit your story to get the press attention and drive traffic to your product or business. They offer a pricing plan for submitting to directories and other for pitching to journalists. You can save money by investing in both.

The Submit List – This is a comprehensive directory of sites that accept your link submissions. It is easy to narrow your search to find the most relevant. It is available on Product Hunt.

HeyPress is a service that helps you locate tech journalists that might be interested in writing about your startup or product. You can check their database to check the topics that they have covered. There are three pricing choices.

PressFarm is an inexpensive service that helps you find journalists. You get access to their contact information and their social profiles for $9.

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