The Best Business Opportunity Lead Generation

In today’s ever bloating bevvy of business opportunities, this post was designed to aid those business opportunity media buyers, small business owners, mom & pops, advertising agencies and media outlets involved with lead generation.
Truthfully, just about anyone looking to wade through a bit of dirt to get to the best quality leads, for the best price, all-the-while knowing that no matter the site or source you will always find fruits & nuts in the mix. So, the 64,000 question is how do you get the best bang for your advertising buck in the sector? Truth is, this is especially hard to do when you need to pick only one website or just a few mediums to reach your desired and targeted customer.  Radio, onsite lead generation, newspapers, online only newspapers, magazines, digital only magazines, TV’s at gas pumps, pushing text messages to phones and the list goes on and on of how you can waste a ton of money placing ads that reach nobody. Actually, we love the TV’s at the gas pumps because they are a great way to reach a captive locally based customer.

As you might imagine that we get asked multiple times per day to compare one website to another and so on. We get asked about other types of trusted lead generation sources in the sector. In some cases, we get asked questions to pit print vs. unspecific online media and so on to various folks who want to know why they should advertise with us instead of someone else because we have over 50 years of combined knowledge in the industry and space as it grew up. We are an authority on how, where, when and for how much.

Putting our thinking caps on and trading places with the folks we talk to each week was an interesting exercise to find out what the savvy lead generation customer desires.  After hundreds of conversations with both a buyer of business opportunities aka a ‘lead’ and sellers of business opportunities aka ‘owners of various business / franchise opportunities it seems we were able to narrow the field quite a bit with asking the sales rep you are dealing with a few basic questions.

So, we decided to do some research and found media placements for all opportunities requires a bit of thought on the owners part, media planner etc to define who they are and what they’re needs are before they/you make a placement anywhere – even free trials or free websites that allow endless posting.  That not only is this subjective to your type of opportunity, but the cost of the opportunity, location or locations of the opportunity and about 100 various factors including your position on the let’s say you went with a website.  Beware of pop-up Word Press-based web sites that sell the concept of content purely as a lead generation tool.  That is a red flag right there “the quote better mouse trap.” Can you be found in less than three clicks?  If you answered no to any of these basic questions our suggestion is to look elsewhere right away.  Also, beware the high-pressure sales person, make sure to ask for references that are at least a year old of more and lastly make sure to ask for testimonials that are current.

What you want to keep in mind and what I want to drive home in this post is you will always find a Diamond if you look hard enough to find it. So what if ten people didn’t answer the phone on this round of calls that are made. So what that an email bounced. Just keep calling, keep emailing, keep working the leads that you do have that are still viable to get to that sometimes seemingly elusive Diamond that makes it all worth it.

Diamond in the Dirt

Pretty much to sum it up: The answer is not so straight forward as you can clearly see and since many new players have entered the market with zero track record and making lots of promises makes it even tougher to know where to allocate said hard earned advertising dollars to ensure an ROI that can be measured in dollars not promises.


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