The Special Sauce – Opportunity Feed vol. 1.9

Let me explore with you if you would be so kind to indulge in deeper SEO tips, tricks and methods that can spur on your SEO.  This is also a tactic that if employed correctly can keep you from slipping back down if you just reached #1 on Google or any of the major engines.  In order to stay #1 you must do serious blog writing with rich content that Google seems to love and so much more it is true.  But, are their other things you can do to get that same benefit on the week you don’t have time to write for example?  Answer – yes.  Indexing Your Backlinks!

Indexing Backlinks

If you want to increase your site’s overall visibility Google needs to know where your information is linked to. Many small, medium and large sites suffer from too many pages not getting indexed because of their size. This is where good navigational skills like deep linking come into play. These deep links…both from your site and other sites…will help search engines follow the path through your site to these hidden pages…and making them visible by indexing.

So, how do you start getting your backlinks indexed you ask?


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