Home-Based Business Opportunity Top 50 Ideas

Home-Based Business ownership can be the most rewarding endeavor you will ever undertake. It’s a new year and the time for making big dreams a reality has come. This article will give you fifty business ideas and we have more coming for Franchise Shoppers in days to come.

Home-Based – Owning a business is the big dream of more than 40% of the workforce according to Forbes. And, for millennials, it’s more than 60%. Many of them are interested in running their own home-based operation right from home.

Are you one of them? If this is your ambition, you’re probably wondering which home-based business opportunity would work best for you. This article has 5 tips for spotting the business opportunities that are most suitable for you.

Why own a home-based business you ask? The article covers five good reasons to choose a business opportunity that lets you work from home. It also has a list of the most popular. Since there are thousands to choose from, it is limited to the top 50 that work especially well for people who want to own a home-based business of their own.

Home-Based Business Opportunity / How To Spot the Right One

Enjoyment. The most important factor is finding a job that interests you. After all, you’ll be doing it day after day, week after week. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll end up dreading each morning, not just Mondays morning.

Track record. Do your research. How long has the firm been in business? Is the name well known to consumers? Is it profitable home-based business?

Stability. Of course, you want to avoid get-rich-quick schemes. But beyond that, you want an opportunity that has legs. Verify that the company has a real product or service, and it is in demand. Are others with this franchise or in this field making money?

Training. Is ongoing training available? This most likely would be available through the company headquarters. But you can also seek out other resources like your community college, trade organizations and help from the previous owner.

Investment. Does it fit your budget? It doesn’t make sense to get a second mortgage or sacrifice your retirement funds just to start a business. Choose an opportunity that you can afford. Later, as you make money, you can scale up.

Why A Home-Based Business?

There are numerous reasons that make working from home the ideal for many entrepreneurs. Here is a look at the top five, as reported in U.S. News.

Commute. One of the reasons mentioned most often is no more commuting in rush hour traffic. The average commute in the U.S. is 25.5 minutes. Many workers report trips each way of 1 hour, 1.5 or even 2 hours. Owning a home-based business can solve this issue right away!

Get more done. Meetings eat up much of the time for office workers. In addition, chatting with co-workers around the office eats into productive time. At home, you can structure your environment to give yourself time without distractions to get more accomplished.

Comfort. It’s true, you can run a home based business from your kitchen table in your pajamas. When you want to go for a walk, there is no one to stop you. You can walk around while talking to suppliers or customers on the phone. In short, you can arrange your business any way you want when you work from the comfort of your own home.

Work when you want. Instead of the 9 to 5 grind, you can choose when you write your memos or articles, add sales or products to your website, fill orders or deal with paperwork. If you are wide awake at midnight, you can easily fit in some work time when you have a home-based business. Try that with an office job!

Connect when you choose. Instead of working cheek-by-jowl with your colleagues, you can decide when to reach out to your network and your customers. This extra space helps to restore a sense of balance and creativity in an entrepreneur’s life.

Home-Based Top 50

Check out the many ways you can own your business and be home-based aka work-from-home, either full time or part time. Opportunities are available in a wide range of fields.

Electronics and the Web

The App Guys. Got an idea for an app? Turn your idea into a reality! The App guys is a low-cost business opportunity that will provide training so you can create the next big app!

My Business Venture. Did you ever dream of creating your own online store? Then choose My Business Venture, which provides you with a website store that sells over 10,000 of the best selling toys, home goods and gifts.

Advantage Advertising. Own a protected territory with one of the best kept secrets in business opportunities providing Advertising Placemats & Take-Out Menus to local restaurants. Through personal support and consultation you will be tapping into over 25 years of experience – and a great income potential.

The Local Project. We’re enlisting an army of good people to join forces with us to build a better local Internet in their town. Openings are available for full-time or part-time opportunities where you can use your skills, work close to home, and build a significant residual income.


Blastis. Start your own text message marketing business. You’ll get all the training and support you need in this low-cost business opportunity to take advantage of the lucrative marketing industry.

Ideal Directories. Help out your local community be creating a business listing website for your town or city! It will help spur up new businesses and drive customer to existing ones!

TL Connects. If you like restaurants, this is the perfect business opportunity for you. You’ll build relationship with restaurant owners and help them cultivate new customers through marketing tools TL Connects will teach you.


Charter Financial. This is one of the most affordable opportunities to get into. Charter helps you break into the note brokering field, a service that is in demand whether the economy is up or down. You match people who want immediate cash for their owner-financed mortgages, lottery winnings, business notes, structured court settlements and deeds of trust.

Commercial Capital Training Group Financial Opportunity. Businesses always need loans. That’s why the chance provided by Commercial Capital Training Group Financial Opportunity is so in demand. You learn how to contact the right businesses and help them get the loans they need.

Virtual Financial Group. In the well-funded and very established Life Insurance industry change comes slow and infrequently. By leveraging the latest online tools & technology, Virtual Financial’s system allows for a new type of agent & entrepreneur to enter this lucrative industry.

Coin Genie. Want to turn $1,000 until $15,000? Coin Genie will give you the best insight into what virtual currencies to trade and when to trade them.

GetBizFunding.com.  This is a great business opportunity to help foster entrepreneurship. You’ll help business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their dream by providing loans and financing to start-ups and existing businesses after being fully trained in the industry.

Bitcoin Insider Club.  Have you been curious about the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? They’ll teach you everything you need to know and provide insightful, well-researched suggestions on when to buy and sell!


Mattress By Appointment. enjoys significant advantages over traditional sleep shops and furniture stores, and our business is already proven nationally with dozens of talented individuals, just like you.  Set your own schedule through appointments made online.  Affordable and easy.

Hotels Etc.  Help families and people get the vacation they deserve at a price they can afford. You’ll negotiate travel deals not available to the public by reaching out to businesses all around the globe on a daily basis and negotiates a discount.

Cruises Inc. What could be better than earning up to 100% commission on the sales of exciting cruise and destination vacation packages? How about making all that happen on your own schedule and from the comfort of your own home?

Age Safe America. Age Safe America is dedicated to meet the growing need for Home Safety Assessments and Aging-in-Place Home Modifications. Take advantage of multiple revenue streams and the opportunity to be part of an exciting and rewarding industry with tremendous projections for growth and success.

Domestic Needs

Starscapes. Love to watch the twinkling stars at night? Make it a business with Starscapes. People will pay you to install a stargazing ceiling in their bedrooms. All you need is a ladder and the tools and techniques provided.

Eureka Woodworks. EUREKA offers woodworkers and non-woodworkers alike a turnkey business with a healthy bottom line. Woodworking experience is not a must. You can build over 40 different designs of outdoor furniture with fool-proof assembly.

Hygienitech Systems.  Providing dry, safe and chemical-free Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning & Sanitizing services is big business in today’s GREEN thinking world and the demand for environmental cleaning services are growing every day.

Smoke Alarm Monitoring. 90% of homes have smoke alarms that don’t go off unless flames hit it. Smoke Alarm Monitoring has the only smoke alarm that is self-contained and monitored remotely.

Homes and Offices

National Property Inspections. Enter the booming property inspection field, with over 5 million inspections done annually. The company provides a turnkey solution, including training, tools and support

Cleanout Foreclosures. If you enjoy home maintenance and cleaning, this is an excellent, low-cost opportunity. It teaches you how to tidy homes that are in foreclosure and keep them suitable maintained until they are sold.

Granicrete International. This is a turnkey business opportunity that comes with everything you need to apply surface coatings to bar tops, counter, and more!

Golden Gate Power. The Solar Power industry is booming, with Golden Gate Power you’ll get the training and tools you need to be able to install solar panels. Add it to an existing business or do it as its own business!

Window Depot USA. Homeowners and contractors are always looking to replace windows. You’ll have the support and training of one of the nation’s top remodelers and learn how to install the highest quality, yet affordable windows.

JAQX. The smart home industry is the next smartphone industry – it is going to explode! JAQX has traiing and support and is a leader in the industry.

Personal Development

Lifes True Purpose. Do you want to help individuals improve their lives? Lifes True Purpose offers a range of home-study courses and live seminars in the area of personal development, leadership and wealth creation. The products are updated annually so they always stay in demand.


Discount Drug Network Affiliate Opportunity. Health costs keep rising. Help individuals with their prescription drug costs by working with Discount Drug Network. You make your money each time they use the handy card that lets them save money.

RegenaLife. The natural food and supplement field are booming. From Boomers to Millennials, people are worried about their own health and that of their family. RegenaLife is a home-based MLM and direct sales opportunity that helps you tap into this lucrative market.

HempWorx. More and more people worldwide are using CBD products, so much so that this industry is worth $7.1 billion dollars. Take advantage of this by selling top-of-the-line CBD products and receiving an 85% commission.

Medical Funding Marketplace. Become financially independent with this flexible, high-income potential business opportunity. Help people get the care they deserve by providing the funding they need!

Purium Health Products. A no middleman farm to customer business! Help people enjoy healthy nutritious food that comes straight from the source.

420 Medical Cannabis. People are turning to organic, holistic methods to manage pain. The cannabis industry is today’s gold rush! Don’t miss out!

Zurvita Home-Based Business Opportunity. This health product sells itself. In the first 30 days, you’ll earn at least $1,200 and qualify for a new car!

Fit Firm & Fabulous. Help people regain control of their life and combat obesity. If you are a person who can follow an easy and guided path to success, this is a great financial opportunity

Entertainment and Beauty

The BeautyWrap. Our Infinity, Serenity, and Vitality body wraps® hydrate and detoxify your body with targeted vital minerals; leaving you looking slimmer, without any loss of water. Currently looking for providers in the US and in Canada.

The easiest way to get your home-based venture started is to go here and see what fits your lifestyle, wants, needs and then buy a home-based business for 2017!


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