Jan 15

Three Small Business Services Companies Making News

These three small business services companies are in the news this week and offer products and services that might be of interest to any home-based or other small business, business opportunity or franchise owner:


LocalVox is a marketing tool that helps small business owners to maintain their online visibility across a variety of platforms, all at the click of a button and without spending a whole lot of money. With as many as 100 or more customers signing on every month, this startup is just under a year old and growing fast.

See the current write-up on LocalVox at NYDailyNews.com, or go to https://localvox.com/ for more information.


PeopleKeys announced on Monday that its patent-pending Perfect Match Hiring Technology is now available for use by small- and medium-sized businesses. Proven effective as a pre-screening and filtering tool for recruiting and hiring new employees, the program uses a number of assessments to maximize retention, decrease turnover and ensure employee fulfillment and productivity.

Go to PeopleKeys’ recent announcement or https://www.peoplekeys.com/ for more information.


RetailCapital.com provides merchant cash advances that are a simple, convenient and relatively quick alternative to traditional business loans, such as bank loans, home equity loans and credit cards. The company recently announced the launch of online financial services designed specifically for small- to medium-sized business owners who need capital for things such as unexpected repairs, new equipment or any other unanticipated needs.