Top 10 home based business opportunities for 2019

It’s that time of year! Here’s our Top 10 home based business opportunities for sale. is entering its 14th year in operation. Through the years, we have worked with hundreds of companies and individuals selling business opportunities, work-at-home ideas, small franchises. We are presented with ideas, partnership offers and have met some incredibly smart entrepreneurs. When creating a business opportunity, a lot of personal history, experiences and passion goes into the idea.

It is our hope that each opportunity presented on is presented in such a way the financial opportunity is clear to our users, sparking the entrepreneurial spirit, making our users want to jump in and start a business with the aid of one of our advertising partners.

Whether raised in a rural environment, on a farm, coastal living, mountains, or in a city, each of our experiences contributes to our abilities and ideas of how to push ideas forward and to create new ideas to make money or to solve problems for ourselves or others.

We will have many new advertisers coming on board over the next couple of months as our new site launches and we grow base of users using our new marketing initiatives. We already make hundreds of new connections per month between opportunity buyers and opportunity sellers. We are hoping to exponentially grow this number.

Currently, we do have some noteworthy partners to mention for entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity going into 2019. Here are our top 15 home based business opportunities for 2019:

1. Hotels etc. Imagine representing over one million online and offline discounts from around the globe including the LOWEST hotel/travel rates. Hotels Etc. has been supplying the deepest travel discounts on the internet for over 20 years – and you now have a chance to cash in on this opportunity.

Our team is busy reaching out to businesses around the world on a dtily basis, negotiating discounts which cannot be obtained by the general public looking for discount travel. Membership clubs are one of the fastest growing industries on the net today and Hotels Etc. is like a franchise without the franchise fee.

2. Roof Maxx Dealership Opportunity Now is the time to become a Roof Maxx Dealer! Roof Maxx gives property owners the ability to extend the life of their old roofs for up to 15 years for a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.

Roof Maxx is an all-natural roof treatment that is quick, clean and easy to apply. Distributors are granted a protected territory with guaranteed leads offering a product with high profit margin by becoming part of a low cost business opportunity. Our program offers benefits like a franchise opportunity, but without the high upfront fee or royalties on revenue. We only make money when you buy our product!

3. Target Market Media Publications What kind of connections do you have in your local area? Can you imagine using some of those connections to build a successful local publication? Target Market Media Publications provides a platform for you to create your own publication of Attorney at Law or Real Estate Agent Magazine.

Your focus will be to select local pforessionals to feature as well as soliciting and collecting local content from associations and local professionals for inclusions each month. The sell advertising and content marketing solutions to local professionals and related vendors. You will market to local businesses and manage the editorial calendar for your publication as well as the advertising schedule to produce your monthly publication.

4. British Energy Saving Technology (BEST) The business opportunity being offered by BEST is the world’s leading Cleantech Business Opportunity. You will develop energy expertise and the ability to identify energy saving opportunities. Your clients will pay every month for that expertise. Your knowledge will be supported at all times by our UK-based team of expert energy analysts.

As a partner, the energy management service you will be providing will create lump sum and recurring revenues for your business. We recently completed a $39M Eniscope rollout in Hillsborough Schools District, USA.

The Eniscope is the product around which this opportunity revolves. In some cases, an 85% savings in energy costs is realized with this retrofit energy savings techlology. This services brings recurring revenue to our partners.

5. RustGuy This is a large untapped market. You can profit by applying RustGuy formulas helping to restore vehicles, property and equipment at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Leads are available along with your own website to market to your local market and support from an experienced team along the way while growing your business. There are potential customers everywhere – and the equipment will be protected from rusting – ever again!

6. Carelumina You can earn up to $1,000/week with Carelumina. We provide leads and training so no sales experience is required. We believe strongly in delivering quality products and fair compensation to product users and our Brand Ambassadors. Carelumina was born after decades of research and development and is physician-owned.
We are looking for Brand Ambassadors who can work from anywhere in the world representing Carelumina products. We pay top residual income monthly – with 6 levels of overrides. Carelumina has 5 major product segments, including:
• Raw, non-gmo physician formulated cold-pressed nutritional juice cleanses
• All natural – organic skincare
• Salon formulated hair care
• Fast absorption wellness products
• Life protecting digital services

7. A.I.M.S. Advanced Interactive Marketing System – A.I.M.S. – is a digital marketing display which can be placed on dining tables at restaurants which also incorporates phone chargers, so customers have the ability to charge their phones while enjoying their dining experience. This requires little or no selling with enormous demand and income capabilities for our distributors!

8. Discount Drug Network – With Discount Drug Network Affiliate Opportunity, you can become part of the Pharmaceutical Economy that always makes money. The Network is comprised of over 66k chain and independent pharmacies providing cost savings on all FDA-Approved prescriptions to cardholders. As an affiliate, you will receive Discount Cards to hand out to co-workers, friends and family. The discount is significant – saving your customers significant money on every prescription. Every time one of the discount cards is used at the pharmacy, you make money. Everything needed for your success is provided – cards, displays, training, uniimited Coaching & Support.

9. Zurvita Zurvita has the best compensation plan in the industry! Take your time looking around and finding an Opportunity where an average individual can sign up and earn $1,200 and qualify for a new car in their first 30 days. Colter Brinkley, your new Success Coach, has helped many do this and is looking forward to helping you. Not only will he do this, but he will also pay you an additional $1,000 from his own pocket when you become an All-Star.

The Zeal Weight Management program consists of 39 of the world’s best Super Foods and Nutrients in a healthy tasty drink product. This product gives our Weight Management a very high success rate compared to other leading brands in the marketplace. Consultants can earn full-time income while their residual income grows exponentially!

10. Age Safe America Age Safe America offers a comprehensive program to meet the growing needs of services surrounding elderly living. Home Safety assessments and Aging-in-Place Home Modifications are exploding services as aging seniors choose to stay in their own homes as age progresses. Age Safe America will introduce you to multiple revenue streams and opportunities to be a part of this rewarding, changing and exciting industry with tremendous growth expectations for years to come.

Our program and all-inclusive Success Package covers all aspects of the business including contracts and fees, marketing and advertising, networking and community outreach. Take advantage of proven revenue streams and opportunities to grow your own business servicing seniors in your area! You will help seniors safely realize the potential of the new “Aging-in-Place” industry.

We will continue to add to and edit our list of opportunities as we have opportunities to review and add new opportunities to our website. We look forward to continuing to be the leading resource in the marketplace of home based business opportunities and entrepreneurial ideas.Top 10 home based business opportunities for 2019