Top 5 Time Saving Tools For Your Business

Top 5 Time Saving Tools – Time is money, it’s a fact. The better you streamline routine activities in your business day, the more time you’ll have to concentrate on making money.

Top 5 Time Saving Tools herein can help Technology help you. Instead of hiring a helper, you can set up software to handle a wide range of tedious tasks for you.

According to USA Today, moving common chores to the cloud is a major timesaver. It lets you handle inventory, check files and schedule posts on the go. Turn formerly wasted minutes during the day into short bursts of whittling down your to-do list, 24/7, wherever you are.

To help you, here is a look at the Top 5 Time Saving tools for your business.


Top 5 Time Saving Tools – Many small businesses struggle to manage your social media profiles and posts. It is easy to put off social media marketing, but it harms your branding. Consistency is what gets people coming back to see what is new on your page.

That’s why Hootsuite is so popular. It has a comprehensive dashboard that lets you schedule all your posts for the week at one time, across all of your platforms. The result is loyal followers and more sales. It has a free option, and a multi-tiered selection of paid options.


Top 5 Time Saving Tools – Setting up an appointment to meet with clients, prospects and suppliers can take more time and effort that the actual get together. Calendly simplifies the process with a straightforward online dashboard. It reduces email and phone tag to a minimum. It has free and paid options.

The tool works for group meetings and interviews too. You list when you are available. People who want to see you can easily choose a mutually workable time. It also integrates with Google+.

Google Docs

Top 5 Time Saving Tools – This is probably the most used of all timesaving apps. Though free, Google Docs is robust, giving you a way to easily upload and download documents, share them and collaborate on them.

If you use multimedia presentations, this is the perfect setup. They are always available and you can easily share them with colleagues. You can chat with coworkers about them, leave comments and edit them in real time.

It comes with a wide range of templates, to get your document creation off to a fast start. Its features are user friendly, like the fact that changes are saved automatically. It works seamlessly with Word and a number of other major programs.

Social Mention

Top 5 Time Saving Tools – The goal of your marketing efforts is to get people to talk about your company and products. But you need to stay on top of what they are saying, a process called social listening.

If what’s being posted is negative, you need to know right away so you can correct the situation. If your efforts aren’t producing results, you want to change up your marketing methods.

There are a range of social listening apps out there. Social Mention is the top pick of Social Media Examiner for social listening tools because it provides a simple visual format to check several metrics. And it’s free. You can easily find out who is talking about your brand, whether it is positive or negative, and what the reach it.


Top 5 Time Saving Tools – Staying on top of inventory if you want a healthy business. What you have in stock is the driving force for creating revenue, and of course profits. As the Small Business Administration points out, with an effective recordkeeping system in place, you will have problems serving your customers, putting together financial statements and paying your taxes.

But small business owners often put it last on their to-do list. The job can be boring and labor-intensive. That’s where Sortly comes in. This free, handy mobile device lets you handle it as short periods of time become available, from anywhere. A study mentioned in the Huffington Post, owners of companies with fewer than 20 employees said the saved an average of 5.6 hours a week using mobile apps like Sortly.

You can take pictures of goods for easy reference, figure out what you have in overstock and label products. It is easier to use than a spreadsheet and has more features.

Top 5 Time Saving Tools